About Us


Textured Threads Boutique has been a long time dream in the making!  Thank YOU for helping it come true!

As a little girl, I had an absolute love for fashion and clothing.  I didn't have a big input on my wardrobe options, as my grandmothers usually made my new clothes and any others worn were usually hand-me-downs, which I loved.  I couldn't wait to go through bags of clothes sent over from cousins and friends, making outfits for myself.  When I was older and outgrew my grandmother's patterns, I would pour over clothing catalogs planning which outfits to order. 

The love for fashion and style still runs deep. I believe that when we look good, we feel good, which creates a ripple effect on our days being brighter.  And who doesn't love a bright day? 

Clothes make me happy.  Unique pieces bring me joy.

Which is what I hope to bring you through our website and store...happiness and joy! 

May all your threads be remarkably textured,